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I've been reading on the camaro5 forum that the computer Basiclly has a high octane spark and a low octane spark. If the engine has ran less than 91 octane it switches to low octane spark and doesn't come out of it untill it's manually reset by pulling 2 specific fuses or disconnecting the battery (most are saying let it sit about 3 hours before reconnecting).

They noticed a tremendous gain by doing this and increase in fuel economy!

Is there anything like this for the turbo regals. My wife's car had 87 put in from the dealer when purchased new and it runs like crap at idle 18k miles later still runs like crap and all we ever put in is 92/3 octane. Dealer acknowledges the issues but says they all do just like the "wheel hop feeling on take off no matter how you do it easy and steady or leaving from a drag tree" and there's no repair for either on that note... Damn lemon
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