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First of all hello to everyone, I just found this forum through a search for this volume problem. I have had a TO7 for two years and have been complaining about the volume issue since day one to no avail. I just get puzzled looks from the reps. They did replace the antenna module once as I was also getting road noise through the speakers. It fixed the road noise but not the volume issue. It is drastic in my vehicle to the point I don't play MP3s or CDs. It doesn't seem as bad in the radio mode but with MP3s and CDs the volume and EQ is all over the map and yes the auto volume is set to off.
I dropped it off at the dealer for some regular maintenance and asked the rep to check for TSBs for this issue but when picking up the vehicle he said he couldn't find anything and I'm the only one of his Buick customers with this problem. I figured by now something would have been found.
After reading several threads on this forum I'm ticked off and it looks like I'm not alone.
So, I have seen a reported amp software issue, a head unit replacement, possible steering wheel volume control issue but nothing definitive. So have I missed something? We need to take some action unless there is something already in motion.
Regards, KJ
I sent a copy of this thread and my vehicle vin via a pm

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