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10 things all drivers should know

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While you might already know this information. Sadly there's still a lot of people that do not. So I thought I should share this with you guys just in case you didn't know about it yet or might know someone that might need it. Its basically an article telling drivers how to do things like jump starting a car, checking fluids, etc.... there's also a few emergency tips there as well. Click the link for the full article.

10 Skills Every Driver Should Have
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Thanks for posting this, I now have some new info to bring up when I visit the inlaws and the topic comes up about cars. My father inlaw loves to talk about cars almost as much as he likes to drive them.
nice post. im gonna have to get my sister to read this one. shes terrible when it comes to cars. i always get a phone call from her saying she has a problem with her car....
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