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Hi everyone, new member here. I've searched on this website, on a few other buick websites and googled to the point of exhaustion and just can't find the answer to my question.

I have a 1990 Regal that we drove all year last year. In Oct. of 2011 we parked it as it only has 2 doors and started driving a 4 door vehicle. I drove it once or twice in January and it sat again after that. Went to move the vehicle a few weeks ago, started it up, put it in gear and the car wouldn't move. Reverse, same issue. Just acted as if it was in N. Checked the ebrake, it was off. If I get on the gas hard enough, it'll move a little bit but nothing substantial.

Checked the tranny fluid and it was low. Filled it up and nothing still. Just looking for any suggestions as to how to tackle this situation. Tranny filter is the only idea that I have.

Thanks for your time.
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