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I Just bought a 1998 Buick Regal GS really cheap and very stock . I'm trying to make a plan before I put a huge dent in the wallet. I already read "Modding the Supercharged 3800 for Dummies" and lots of other sites/forums about what I'm getting into. I'm planning on doing all the basic maintenance before the mods.

I've been regularly visiting ZZP their PCM swap looks pretty easy. Their Stage II kit looks easy enough to get started, but I'd rather install Speed Daddy headers right off the bat. So I'd kinda like to make my own kit and this is where I'm at: HP Tuner or Canned Tune from ZZP.

I'd like to pay for HP Tuners, but I know nothing about it. Is it hard to figure out? Are there files out there I can download from the web to upload from someone else's tune? I'm very handy with a computer and have a license to maintain aircraft. None of that is the issue. I have a limited knowledge base of where to start tuning this car or any car with the software. If it's another full time job I'll just get a canned tune, but I'd really like to learn all about it too.

If I break anything I'm planning on buying a GTO soon. (Also a reason to buy HP Tuner). Any additional reading or videos would really help me out with the car. Plan on visiting often.
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