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The vehicle:
2011 Regal CXL Turbo A/T.
ZZP CAI, ZZP Downpipe with CAT delete, Forged Motorsports BOV, Trifecta tuning

I come up to a stop sign (on a closed course of course).... I power brake until the car starts to make boost.. I let off the gas and the car starts smoking the tires and boosting as it increases RPMs. Right around full boost (22-23 psi) and right before the engine governs I let off the gas and the car goes in to "power reduction" mode, or what I like to call "limp mode"....where there is a sudden loss of power and the car won't really accelerate no matter how hard you stomp on the pedal. It's happened before under that same power brake scenario but the car usually returns back to normal within a few seconds. Well, this time it didn't. When I let off the gas to reset "limp mode" and accelerated again the car started "sputtering" and misfiring as it struggled to climb RPMs and speed. No granted there was no explosion, no oil leaks, nothing sounded like it blew a rod or anything along those lines. The only thing out of the ordinary (besides the engine behavior) was the "Stabilitrak" light started blinking. At one point I let off the gas and accelerate again....once I let off the gas it backfired really loud (never done that before) and there was a "gasoline" smell for a couple of seconds but then it went away. So right now when you start the car it struggles a little bit but eventually starts and idles. It idles rough and when you step on the gas the RPMs go up but it does so "sputtering" and misfiring the whole time. Also the transmission wont shift passed 2nd gear, not even in "manual mode"...it just says "shift denied" even though the RPMs are high enough that there is no reason for the shift not to be allowed.

Do you guys think I jumped time? It's the only conclusion I can think of right now. Thanks in advance Jon
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