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Hello All,
My mother recently purchased a 2011 Regal with the 2.4 ecotec engine that supposidly only had a misfire. It was supposed to be a simple fix but boy was I wrong. Once the car made it home a few codes which suggested a timing issue appeared and the car was running like a trackstar with a broken ankle. \

Long story short I set the engine back to its designated timing which worked out great for about 10 minutes then it jumped time again. I retimed this engine 3 times following directions to the T including tourqe specs but it just wont stay in time. As this was my first big mechanical project I assumed it was my lack of experience and that I was doing something wrong and took the car to a so called GM specialist however he is running into the same exact issue.

My question for everyone is has anyone experienced this problem before and found the solution?
Is my best bet to spend 3k on a new engine and swap it or is this problem so common its best to scrap or part out the vehicle?
Im really lost and am not sure what the best course of action is here.
Also taking the vehicle to the dealership is out of the question Im not gonna pay some greedy dealership more than the cars value to put an engine in.
So are you talking about the camshaft drive? I'm not that familiar with that particular engine, but pretty good with repairs. Do you have links to any online manuals or exploded drawings I could look at? Or any photos of yours while apart that might have clues?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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