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I have a 2001 Regal LS that has been having problems the last little while. It would die in very hot weather (100+ degrees). It would not fire back up until it cooled down some.

To date, I changed out the ignition control module and the CPS which were recommended to me as being 90% the problems with these being the fix. Well it died again last summer after replacement parts were added. In the fall/spring/winter this runs great, so that tells me that the heat is the problem.

Would the next thing to look at be the ECM? I know to replace the ECM I would have to get the same year/make/model to make it so I dont have to have it reprogrammed. Does the symptoms I mentioned sound like a possible over heating of the ECM? I pulled it today to see if I can find a match.

If so what numbers on the ECM should I look at when trying to find a new one? The service # and HDW # matching? I am attaching a pic of it.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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