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Buick's all-new LaCrosse was created to specifically target the Lexus ES350, launching with a bold new look and an even bolder marketing campaign, designed to get consumers comparing the two cars. At first glance, almost everything about the two vehicles is similar, except of course for the chiseled features of the Buick. With the competitors laid before us, we've decided to take the "Buick Challenge" and see for ourselves. Besides, GM is now building some impressive new machines, launching perfectly as the company has emerged from bankruptcy and the recession dwindles. And with all the buzz about Buicks over in China, can one billion people really be wrong?

Like previous comparisons, we took both models out for a several day test drive and had the AutoGuide team rate the largish luxury machines in 19 categories, weighing certain categories with more points in relation to what customers will place the most importance on for a luxury sedan of this caliber. We then crunched the numbers and…

More: 2010 Buick LaCrosse vs. 2010 Lexus ES350 on AutoGuide.com
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