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2011 Buick Enclave Review

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It's no secret that Buick is enjoying a real renaissance. Dealers who used to sell single-digit numbers a month now can't keep the hot Regal and LaCrosse models on the lot, and are certainly going through more free coffee in the process. But while those Chinese and European-inspired (or in Regal's case, imported directly) sedans might get all the attention now, it was a larger vehicle wearing the Buick crest that started getting butts in seats.

The Enclave crossover has been a perennial strong seller for the brand since its introduction back in 2007 as one of General Motors' first three offerings built off the large Lambda platform. Buick had a sketchy past with visually unappealing SUVs, and the gorgeous, classy and darned-sexy Enclave put those demons to rest. Compared with the Pontiac Aztek-cousin Rendezvous, Chevy TrailBlazer-based Rainier and the badge-engineered Terraza minivan, the Enclave was the second-coming of Harley Earl.

Even five years on it still looks fresh – there's been some detail changes over the years, but no heavy redesign is needed. Our top-line CXL tester uses optional bling-tastic 20-inch chrome wheels to good effect, and the brightwork continues on the modern 'portholes' on the hood, strips across the front bumper, the window surrounds, and roof rails. The swiveling xenon headlights have a jeweled effect too, adding to the shine.

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