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June 17, 2010 | By Susan Carpenter, Los Angeles Times

Being among the oldest U.S. auto brands, Buick has a certain geriatric chic that could make it ripe for renewal. If Betty White can stage a late-career comeback, why can't this stalwart of automotive cushiness? They're practically the same age, and the last time either was in vogue was the 1980s.

The upside to being so out of fashion is that Buick could now be "in," if only the Regal lived up to the promise the manufacturer showed last year with its luxury sedan, the LaCrosse CXS. With its successor, the Regal, Buick is simply trying to do too much. In its efforts to be simultaneously elegant, sporty, fuel efficient, technologically tricked out and affordable it doesn't fully succeed.

What I liked most about this mid-size sport sedan was its exterior. There's a wind-swept stylishness to its profile that elevates it to the level of its competitors: the Acura TSX, Volvo S60, Volkswagen Passat and Mazda 6, each of which shares a kind of athletic voluptuousness. The Bentley-esque grille, even the Buick insignia itself, lends the car an upscale appearance that helps the Regal live up to its moniker. And the palette of sumptuous exterior colors, including the shade of deep, seafaring blue in the model I was testing, made me curious to open the doors and see what was inside this Autobahn-inspired beauty.

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