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Hello Everyone,
I am new to this forum and I have already found several people dealing with the same issue I am having with my regal, from the stalling of the transmission to the most annoying thing ever THE RATTLE UPON CRANKING. I have taken my car to the dealership so many times for this issue and all they tell me is the cannot reproduce the sound, I told them it is intermittant and they continue to say if it doesnt do it when I have it there, its nothing they can do. My concern is that it will cause something else to go wrong which will cost more money to repair. Right now my car is still under warranty but it will soon run out. Im starting to feel like thats exactly what they are waiting for. I think I would feel much better if they would at least check to see whats wrong instead of telling me, If I cant reproduce the sound, its nothing they can do.

After finding this forum, I am so happy to see that I am not the only person having this issue and im not loosing my mind. I just feel so helpless because I have a car with a problem that no one will fix.

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