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2011 + Regal and GS Typical Concerns

I have read many posts on issues and non-issues Buick Regal and GS owners have. I thought it would be a good idea to have them all in one place so new owners can know what to expect and know what to do if these issues arise.

Noise during startup
The Buick 2.0 T has an air pump which runs for about 1 minute. It sounds like a vacuum sucking in air at high velocity. This is normal and not a failed part.
Loud squeak after start or putting it in gear
The loud squeak sounds like the serpentine belt slipping off metal. It may go away after warming up. The belt tensioner seems to have a short life in these cars. Change the Belt Tensioner.
Ticking while idle
This is due to direct injection and is normal.

Service Suspension System indicator on
The Service Suspension System is part of the Stabilitrac system. The Service Suspension System may come on for a number of reasons. A new GS may have the indicator come on when the system is calibrating itself. Sometimes it goes away after turning the car off and never comes back. Sometimes it comes on and off for a few weeks then never comes back. There are a number of reasons it can happen. It may come on if your front brakes need replacing. The accelerometer sensors might have failed and needs replacing. It also might be due to the placement of the wiring which rubs on the front suspension components.


Trunk opens by itself
This is a Buick Regal or even GM specific issue. I had the same issue with a Chrysler Town and Country. Putting your key I your pocket or purse with other objects can cause the button to be hit unintentionally. I had to put my key into my shirt pocket in order to keep the truck or car doors closed. GM has come up with a solution to this. They will install a “two shot rely” to resolve the issue.

Sagging or lose Head Liner
Owners may experience a headliner which comes away from the back window. Below is the fix for this.

Poor idle at stop lights.
I have researched this issue and the closest thing I had to an answer was this is related to the engine finding the best way to save fuel at idle. This was from a previous Buick service tech who is also my friend so I trust he is telling me what he knows to be the truth. My GS stopped doing this after about 15,000 to 20,000 miles. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it gets your attention. It feels like its about to shut off but doesn’t.

E85 and GS
The GS does not come with a needed computer to calculate E85 gas. That is by design. The reason might be the GS reaches a higher boost pressure than the stock Regal Turbo so it needs more fuel for the added air. That and the fact that E85 needs more fuel to work efficiently = not enough fuel pressure to do both E85 and the higher boost level of the GS.
GS Brake Squeal and front brake dust.
The GS has Brembo front brake pads which do a great job of stopping the car without fade. Brembo’s are also notorious for brake dust. This is not an issue with your brakes, just your expectations. There is a PI for the dust and noise if it bothers you. #PI0676A

Feel free to comment on this.

This should be a sticky so new members can see it.
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