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I bought my Regal CXL RL1 in April of 2011. I now have 8800 miles on it and drive from suburbia to downtown to work and to the lake on the weekends. I'm not a super aggressive driver however, have gotten speeding tickets in my life. The Regal is my 1st ever new car and have had good luck with my past 89 Regal and 95 Olds, 02 Bonneville....I usually buy my cars when they are a few years old however the cash for clunkers eliminated that ability. I've noticed for the past week that my windows have been fogging up. I initially thought it was because it's cooling off and I'm not running my air anymore. Yesterday when I shut the car off at home, it stayed running after I exited, for a few minutes and again last night. On the way to the lake my temperature gauge was creeping up and then back down. I called Buick and they said it's not supposed to run when you shut it off and to bring it to the nearest dealer (20 miles). I went to our lake home (7 miles) instead and called my dealer. I called the nearest dealer this a.m. and so far no one's called me back. Has anyone ran into this issue yet?

Update, I called Buick again and they put me in touch with a local dealer. I dropped off my car and picked up a loaner. The dealership was 20 miles away so the car was already overheating when I got there. Turns out it is the fans continuing to run after the car is shut off.....Very-very worried about this!!!!
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The heatercore is being replaced, so is the carpet as the antifreeze leaked into it. Petty freaked out and dissapointed. Waited my whole life to get a new car and now I end up with this. I'm going to trade it off 1st chance I get.
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