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Hey guys, new to the forum, but have had the older gen Regal GSs for a long time.

Anyways, the wife has a 2011 German built Regal T.
From a stop or in first gear, it has a HUGE power lag. Wouldn't ever even chirp the tires at all. It seems like it doesn't build boost until it hits 2nd gear.
I tried turning traction off, holding trac button off for 5 seconds so everything shuts off, turning sport mode on...nothing changes.
I tuned it up, did a fuel system service, sea-foamed the car, smoked the car to check for vacuum leaks... my only other thought was to check backpressure on the exhaust to see if the cat is clogged or something. But the way it runs after it gets going, makes me think the cat is fine.
It almost seems like it disables boost in first gear.

Any ideas?

I ran it at the track one time. [email protected] 2.6 60'... even stalled up at the line, it just fell on its face. Once you are rolling in 2nd it pulls very well.
(My old Regal was a 2001 GS, [email protected] Current car is an 04 Cobra [email protected] last year)

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