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2012 Buick Regal GS 20-inch 5-spokes - Pics! How/where to buy?

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Hello -

Does anyone know of a part number, style-name, or anything for the optional 20-inch alloy wheels available for the 2012 Regal GS?

Wheels: 20-inch polished alloy, 5-Twin Spoke
Tires: Pirelli P-Zero P255/35-ZR20

Also, any information on off-set, bolt pattern, etc.?

Now, for some pictures of these amazing wheels!



Any information would be greatly, and sincerely, appreciated!

Thank you,
Chad - WhiteGhost
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bolt pattern should stay 5x120. it is a small possibility it would be different only because they have Brembo setup in the front but i doubt there is a difference.

ill look it up at work tomorrow and see what i can find.
if they are forged they are going to cost an arm and a leg after the fact (if you dont get them on a GS)
yeah, maybe you should just go aftermarket, and go for an 19" wheel with a lower offset to clear the brembo's just be to safe.

20" is a killer price to pay for tiers and wheels its almost 1000 difference in price for 1".

Which i don't think its very worth it at all..
royal regal....what are you talking about with the 1k difference in wheels? maybe from 19" cast to 20" forged...and thats a stretch.

whats your price range on wheels. theres a ton of good cast wheels in the 20" selection that will/can fit our cars.
nvsbandit - Thanks for you input.

I'm looking at these wheels as an upgrade for my G8 GXP. I'm sure clearance shouldn't be a problem (stock 19s + Brembos on GXP). If you could get a part number, sku, barcode, or price, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thank you,
ghost...this is my favorite wheel company right now
?|? Rotiform Wheels ?|?

i can almost guarantee that the 20" wheels buying them seperate are going to turn out to be close to a grand a peice....id be at least willing to bet alot haha
nvsbandit - Wow, I got distracted by the beautiful women on that page. :drool:

So, what should I be looking for, lol? Does Rotiform make custom wheels, or off-sets? Although the Buick Regal wheels may be $1000/per wheel, I'm still very much interested in obtaining the information.

Thank you,
kk. we have nothing at work as of yet for part numbers.

we had a hard time locating a 19" oem today when a customer came in. wrecked it on a curb.
Cool, keep me in the loop if you happen to remember to continue checking. Appreciate your help!

WhiteGhost, I am also looking for the same rim on the GS. Were you able to locate who makes it or a similar style?
Anyone able to get GS wheels? I am looking to get something for the spring next year, keep my stockers for the winter.

Or . . . how's this for thought . . . If any new GS Regal owner is not interested in the 20" rim option, and would rather have the standard 19"'s, see if you could work with the dealer to add the $700 20" wheel option, with also procuring the 19" stockers, and I'll purchase the 20" from you for $1000.

It's a long-shot, but someone willing to work this out would be my hero.

I'm selling STOCK 20" polished wheels w/tires if anyone intrested
20' GS Tires

What tires are comparable to the Pirelli P Zeros that come on the 2012 regal gs? I'm not really interested in paying about 300+ per tire so was wondering what a cheaper winter options were available. Thanks guys

I'm selling STOCK 20" polished wheels w/tires if anyone intrested
Hi, All!

I'm new to this community, but not a newby to forums - long history under the Nissan community (google my handle along with "build thread" for my 2005 Altima build). Looking forward to learning a lot and contributing where I can.

I picked up a 2014 Regal GS AWD last week, and I'm looking to sell the OEM 20's. My Regal has just over 31k on the odo, so wheels are very clean, but not perfect. I'll detail them before packaging and they'll be shipped in appropriately sized boxes to the new owner.

Asking $1,600 OBO.

Not open to trades, as I have my eye on a set of aftermarket 20's. Please PM me if interested. Pictures below.

Thanks, All!


The whole car was fully detailed this past weekend - wheels now look even cleaner:

If interested in the information for my detailer, feel free to PM me. He's not cheap, but he's one of the three best in the state of Michigan.
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