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I can't get my 2012 Regal GS to see the contacts or call history on my Samsung Galaxy S3 when paired via Bluetooth. It didn't work when the phone was on ice cream sandwich and now I'm running jellybean and it still doesn't work. Is anyone out there using a Galaxy S3 with their Regal GS with the HK radio and having success with contacts and call history through Bluetooth? If so, has it always worked, or did you have to do something to get it to work.

I also attempted my friend's new Galaxy Note II with jellybean and I cannot see contacts or call history on his phone either. Have been trying to work with the dealership, Buick and OnStar to see if maybe there is an update for the HK radio that will help with this. No help from anyone. This is a nearly new car and one of the most popular phones you can buy. I can't believe I can find nothing about this issue anywhere. It really stinks to not be able to dial by name and to actually have to pick up my phone while driving to look up a number to call.

FYI, my HTC One X worked with the car as did my iPhone 3GS.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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