2014 Regal Turbo,AT, 100k miles(but is driven near daily by my wife. Owned it over 3 yrs, all ive had to do to it was put on new brakes shortly after i bought it( and i think it may need rear rotors again),Changed tranny fluid, changed plugs(just last month) and coils. Gold in color with beige leather interior. Heated seats.
No remote start. It does have a rebuilt title. Bought it with an ohio rebuilt from the owner(in ohio) who had it fixed and then decided to sell it. I had it rust proofed; its in very nice shape for going on 10 years old. I really enjoy driving this car, but as i approach 70 years of age, getting in and out is bothersome...so i bought its bigger brother, a 2014 LaCrosse.
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