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2015 regal turbo oil was overfilled and ran for a week

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A friend of mine said he heard a slight ticking sound in his 2015 regal turbo. So added oil to stop the sound. I came to help,him out with it. First off I'm not a pro mechanic but do have general mechanical common sense. The Car was making a collapsed lifter sound at idle. I think it's 2.0 and is turbo charged. 135,000 miles, ran good til now. Found that it had in excess off 6 1/2 quarts of oil in it. It would stall a stops and then the chattering at idle ( rough idle). First off I did oil change with correct oil at correct capacity. Checked plugs for fouling all seamed ok. Is this chattering the oil pump failure due over fill? Car also does not engage turbo. As mentioned new plugs ,coils,and cam sensors prior to this happening. Again I'm not an ecotec savey person. Engine seems very sensitive and I understand that. Just trying to help a family. Thanks
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I know that oil overfill puts excessive pressure on seals. Don’t know about the other issues though.
Reg oil change of 5 quarts is even a bit overfill. I usually do 4.5 qts now which hits the dipstick line accurately.
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