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1994 Regal Custom - 3.8
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I recently purchased a 1994 with the 3.8 naturally aspirated with a rod knock. I am working on pulling the engine but was able (with some difficulty) to remove the oil pan and confirm the #3 rod bearing was spun.

I am planning to pull the engine fully assembled and then measure the crank rod journal to determine if the crank can be refurbished. Any insight regarding the engine removal and evaluation process would be appreciated.

It appears the 1994 3.8 is what is classified as a generation 1 3800 that was used from 1993 - 1997(?) before being replaced with the generation 2 which was later replaced with the generation 3. My impression is that I could consider any generation 1 as a replacement engine but later generations would involve a lot more parts swapping if they would work at all. Any clarification regarding potential replacement options would be appreciated in case I determine that the crank cannot be saved.
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