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We bought this 90 Regal Limited new, my wife drives it 98% of the time. I replaced all the brakes 12 years ago, probably 40,000 miles ago. I noticed after I finished the installation that the brake pedal was hard to push, I had not driven the car for 2 or 3 years so I had nothing to compare it to, my '97 Dodge Grand Caravan, (I was the sole driver) brake pedal took a lot less pressure, my wife has never mentioned the Buick having a hard pedal.
We just bought a new Toyota and when she drove it she had a hard time getting used to how sensitive the brake pedal was, even compared to my Caravan.
I checked the Buick Power Brake vacuum and when I pulled off the vacuum line I could hear the vacuum, I drove it a few feet and had a hard time getting it stopped so I assume the booster diaphragm is good.
Is there a softer disc pad that I should have used or what else would cause a hard pedal?
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