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This is my wife's doctor visit and grocery shopping car. I can only guess at the mileage at over 100,000 since the odometer has not worked for almost 19 years.

This clunking is only when turning a fairly sharp right such as entering a driveway over a street runoff (slight bump).
It does not do it going straight or turning left at any speed.
I did the front end bounce test of the struts, they are a little slow but good enough, I get no porpoising (SP?)on the highway. There is no noise during the bounce test.
I checked the front for play and everything is tight.
Could it be the the driver side CV joints, if not, what else?

Another possibility: This front end does not have sway bar links, the sway bar ends are mounted directly to the lower control arm in rubber bushings. Upon further investigation of the sway bar ends I see the left one is really shinny where it goes in and out of the bushing and there is a shinny area of the frame where the front tire has been rubbing.

Are the lower control arm bushings worn out so badly that the whole control arm is shifting front to back? This is getting scary, I am 80 years old and on a limited budget. The shop where I have been taking this car for the past 10 years told me the front end clunking was worn out front struts and wanted almost $800.00 to replace them.

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