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Sorry to start my first post with "I need help".
My wife and I bought her 2012 regal GS about years ago. Since then we had to have a motor AND transmission put in it at 74,400mi ... yes they both went out at the same time.. and now the stereo/navigation does not come on and the turn signals do not work.. both of these issues happen at the same time...

The stereo/navigation screen started out glitching..as in the radio station that are stored in memory and display along the lower portion of the screen would not appear. Nor would the time and temperature. Sometimes the display would not come on at all after start up. ..during this stereo/nav. Didn't work of course.. sometimes. Pushing the power button would turn the system on and all was good ..or the stations, clock and temp did not display.

The times the stereo/navigation did not work the turn signals would not work correctly. As for the turn signals issue : The arrow indicators on the dash flash but you do not hear the "Turn signal sound" of the relay nor does the signals outside the car flash.

I sure hope to get some help. I am not one to bring my car to the stealership or shops for that matter. And diagnosis electrical problems is not my forte
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