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Another New Regal Owner

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Just got my Cyber Gray Regal on May 19th. So far I love it! I would have liked to wait for some of the features of the 2012 model but my Saturn Aura lease was up. I had the dealer install a remote start (can't believe it didn't have one) but now I have to turn the car off to open the trunk! No trunk release either! :confused:
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When the doors are unlocked, the trunk is unlocked. Also, there is a trunk unlock button on the remot.
My third party remote start (Code Alarm) over-rides the key fob. Once the car has been remotely started, the trunk will not open until the key has been removed - even if the doors are unlocked. I can't believe there isn't a trunk release button inside the car.
Thats really unfortunate that dealers (especially in metro detroit) are still resorting to hack and splice junk aftermarket starts when they could just send them to Sellers for OEM retrofit.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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