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Are there any aftermarket headunits compatible?

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I was wondering if there are any compatible aftermarket units already available or are there any being released? I was hoping to change the stock unit as soon as I pick one up. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Here is a picture of my interior. I don't know where an aftermarket would go.

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You should be able to. Theres companies out there right now offering direct fit units for almost any car. Its a bit pricey but its literally a direct fit. It even keeps all the OEM buttons, knobs, switches in the same place. Not sure if they made one for this but try searching online and see what you find.
Metra makes a full kits which retains the OnStar, steering wheel controls and DIC. It moves the HVAC controls to the bottom of the stack (In place of the cubby)

Pretty crazy. Looks like a nice kit.

$300, fwiw
I stand corrected.:eek: There are aftermarket stereo components.
I wonder if it would be a better option to just go get the optional headunit that the dealership carries. If they do have a better one than the standard one.
Ok so from what Ive been able to search up so far Metra pretty much makes an install kit for almost any car. Plus they also make sure that all your stock buttons and controls are still useable. So I can actually get almost any aftermarket head unit and use the Metra install kit and brackets and still have a somewhat OEM looking center console.
i have buddies that work for car audio shops and they all use metra kits to install aftermarket radios on cars. fitment is almost perfect and price is pretty good. only complaint ive ever heard is that some of the metra kits are easy to break if youre not careful.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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