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OK, so lately I've been losing coolant. I generally add a gallon every 4 days or so. Also, when I first got the car, I had to flush out a ton of coagulated DEX from the coolant system. And I'm thinking there might be oil in the coolant, but I can't really tell. It's just gunking up the reservoir.

However, I haven't noticed any puddles or anything to indicate a leak. I did see orange dripping from the heater hose, but that was once and I haven't seen it since.

I know there was a problem on the 3800's where they used bad manifold gaskets that were prone to breaking, causing the DEX to coagulate and to be burning coolant as well. I don't know if the previous owner replaced it.

Is there a simple test or anything I can do to identify the issue?

I can go either way as to which I prefer. If it's just a bad hose, that's a nice cheap fix. But if it's the manifold gasket, I may throw an intercooler on there while it's opened up. I already changed the exhaust and have a 180° thermostat, so unless a u-bend delete is necessary, I would be ready for a smaller pulley.
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