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Better forums?

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Are there any better forums out there for the Regal? This forum is terrible, a week could go by without a single post! Seems pointless. Just wondering if people are elsewhere or there is a more active forum (even a sub forum on another site) for our cars. With all the hobbies I do, I greatly benefit from having an extremely active forum with plenty of info and help at your finger tips. This forum is just depressing though, there is zero activity! I wish there was more people posting, I feel it could do great things, shame. If anyone knows any other forums, it'd be greatly appreciated.
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Dont know when this forum started, but for a while it was OVER RUN with spam. Doing what I can to keep that under control. But it probably scared many off.
Here is the other one I look at 2011+ Buick Regal Forum - Buick Forums

This is the tab for "New Regal" at buickforums.com

Some of the guys here also post there...
James, when I was researching the regal before I bought, I came across this site and it was terrible! I have never seen a site with so much spam before! You've done a great job in eliminating that and I thank you for it. I think it does the complete opposite, will bring more people in rather then scare away. If this site was still like this, I wouldn't have even registered in the first place.

Byran, sweet, I will look into those forums as well, thanks!
Thanks. If it weren't The Agents car I'd have stuff torn apart and back on and posting more about it.
I kinda agree. 89 people looked at my post not one response. And I'm asking for thoughts and opinions which people love giving on the internet!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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