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Bike Racks for 2011 Buick Regal

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I'm starting some research in to what bike racks might work well for my new 2011 Buick Regal. There is absolutely nothing on the GM/Regal manufacturer's site for this. I took a look at Opel's site and there are both hitch-style and roof-style racks, but I'm leery of ordering something from Europe that may not fit exactly right. There are many third-party manufacturers claiming compatibility, but I would like to find out from all of you whether or not you have already gone out and gotten something. If you have a hitch style, is the receiver very obvious under your rear bumper? I hate them on some cars - very ugly. For roof racks, the regal roof is short and very sloped - wondering what rack you used if you have one.

Thanks in advance!
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Yakima has trunk racks

Yakima: Racks, Bike Racks, Roof Racks for Skis, Cargo & Kayaks

They're site says they have trunk racks that work on the 2011 Regal. I am going that route instead of installing a hitch. I am ordering one now. I will post later on how well it works.
Thanks Maximus - let me know!
yakima makes some really good equipment. a lot of my friends have their roof rack with snowboard rack. take a pic once youve installed yours. how much did you get it for if you dont mind me asking?
Yakima Quick Back 2

I am pretty happy with the Yakima Quick Back so far. I just got it. Installation will be real easy in the future. Took me a little bit to figure out the best setup on the Regal. Now that I've done it once, it will come on and off quick. It feels solid with the bike attached. I took a ride and got up to about 55 and swerved a few times to make sure. So far, so good. I am trusting Yakima that the material they use that contacts the car won't mess up the paint job. I think it's a pretty good product. Also, it is setup to work well with the glass hatches in SUVs if you have one of those as your other vehicle. I will post again after using it for a while, but so far my first impression is positive.


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Personally, I overpaid for the Yakima Quickback 2 because my local bike shop gave me a credit for my old rack. I came out ahead that way. However, Amazon has it for $170 and that is the way I would have gone otherwise. Yakima also has the King Joe 2 that goes on Amazon for $115. The King Joe is also supposed to work with the 2011 Regal.

Also, probably the other best brand for these products is Saris. They have one called the Bike Porter that works with the Regal. The 2 bike version can be had for $99 on Amazon.

In my research, I thought the Quick Back looked the best. However, I have no experience with the other two.
Thanks Maximus for your reviews - will go rack hunting this weekend!
One other option you have is Thule there have roof racks and trunk racks as well check em out.
I agree.... Thule is excellent. I did not mention them because the 2011 Buick Regal is not listed at all in the fit guide used on their website.
Bike Racks

As for Thule, they list the rack for the Opel Insignia. Don't know if a local Thule distributer could get one here or not.
Has anyone considered a hitch receiver for their Regal? I'm just curious how it looks under the bumper.
whispbar.com has a rack listed for the 2011 buick regal 4dr. at $399.00 USD. Rackattack in Canada sells whispbar for $ 489.00. Those prices are just for the basic rack. Think I will take the front tire off bike, fold the rear seat down, and put bike in trunk. A bike rack to fit one of the above mentioned basic racks cost another $300.00. One could put a trailer hitch on the Regal for $300.00 installed, and then buy a rack to fit on the hitch for another $100.00 to $300.00 depending on quality and number of bikes. For short hauls the trunk is looking better and better. But for taking a bike on a long trip I think the trailer hitch is going to win. Besides one still has a usefull Class II trailer hitch for a small utility trailer or whatever.
A hitch for the 2011 Regal fits quite nicely using the 2 muffler mounts on either side. There is no drilling required. Apple auto glass in Canada sells and installs a Class II hitch for $300.00
Thanks Grumpy... anybody have a picture of a trailer hitch on their Regal? Right now, I'm using a Hollywood trunk rack, and it works great - but for long trips - I'm worried about rubbing from the hooks and pads on the paint job. I'd love to see what a trailer hitch mount looks like on the Regal - I'm a little worried that a mount down below the bumper will look tacky.
Yes, any pictures would be awesome. I am a cyclist and I have a trunk rack but I'm not thrilled with how it works and would like to go to a hitch stlye if all possible. Thanks!
Roof rack

Wondering if this rack will scratch my roof. I have a 2012 regal gs, do you have any photos of the fit?
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