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Body Side Molding

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Purchased body side moulding from Spoiler and Wing King (Google). Product is of good quality and price very reasonable. The paint job on the moulding exactly matched my car color. Installation is very straight forward. Just need to take your time. I used string instead of masking tape to layout the location. The instructions are very good and the molding looks sleek unobtrusive and hopefuly will save me from any minor door dings.
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why did you just string that was interesting.. lol

Pictures of the DIY!
Hi ...sorry for the delay in response. I'll post some pics soon.
String..The directions say to use masking tape to layout the molding on the side of the door. I couldn't get the tape to make a straight line. When I strung a line from the top of the front wheel to the top of rim back wheel (or visa versa..can't remember) it was easy to line up the molding. Double sided 3m tape is used. If you take your time, follow directions the install is very easy.
You did a very good job. Looks almost OEM to me. I don't know if I would put it on my car or not but very clean. By the way, did you use photoshop on the picture?
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