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Hi everyone,

I am new here and a happy owner of a 2011 Buick Regal 2.4l. Purchased a few months ago.

I finally had a chance to identify an issue with my brake light and indicator. There are three lights (bottom row of light cluster) which have a brown paint identification (cluster/group). The middle light bulb connector/housing had clear signs of burn/short.

This was found with the assistance of one of the sales people at AutoZone, but I went in at 9 am thinking that it would be the best time (quiet), as soon as he identified the bulb which was meant to then lead to the correct "circuit"? a flood of people came in and I felt bad keeping him with a line forming. So he said look here and find 4114. I couldn't find anything even close.

While we were looking at the brake connector/housing, he said that it was an easy replacement. I want to learn how to do this if it is an easy fix, but I searched on line using "Buick Regal 2011 brake light circuit" and it led me nowhere. I would like to find what is needed online because hopefully it will also be reasonable.

I would be most grateful if someone could offer some guidance. I am not a complete car novice but not mechanical. However, this seems like it would be a reasonable easy fix but I need to understand the issue besides the obvious burnt housing.


1) Trying to compare this to a home electric problem, if I short something out. even if there is spark type burn mark on the socket, once the fuse is reset, I can continue to use the socket. Why would this be different for a car? I changed the bulbs. Could it simply be a fuse issue (would the three light set have it's own fuse, and the two light set above have their own?

2) Is it the housing/plug - where you insert the bulb - what needs to be replaced?

3) What is the name of that part (if it needs to be replaced/so that I can find it online for purchase)?

4) If I need to replace something else, please help identify it?

5) Might anyone have a link to a video or instructions on how to switch out the part that needs to be replaced?

6) It is likely that water got into the housing and I have seen some pretty serious condensation in one of my headlights as well. I suspect that I need to get new seals? Is there something else that I should do to prevent water, heavy condensation from seeping into my lights? I live in Miami, it rains constantly.

I am sitting on a traffic citation (that can be resolved if I show a police officer that the issue has been rectified)

Thank you all very much for your kindness, time and assistance.
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