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Buick Business Concept Headed to Production as GL8 Replacement in China

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In China Buick sells several models we don't get here, including the GL8 van. Recently, a replacement for the current GL8 was spotted camoed-up and testing in China, looking a lot like the Buick Business Concept first shown at the Shanghai Auto Show last year.

The current GL8 is based off the tremendously old Pontiac Trans Sport and so it's nice to see that Buick is planning to move significantly forward with the next generation of this minivan/mpv. With Buick established as a full luxury brand in China, the GL8 can almost be considered to be the Buick version of the Mercedes R-Class here.

It's unclear if the GL8 badge will stay intact when Buick launches the production model, but based on the concept we do expect to be impressed with the overall package.

Several years ago GM got out of the minivan business in North America and has made no hint that it ever intends to get back into it here – even cutting the Chevy Orlando from its U.S. product lineup. Still, a new GL8 might be just the thing to rival Ford's Flex – especially with AWD and GM's rumored twin-turbo V6.

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