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Buick can't deliver Regal quick enough to dealers

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According to Christopher Ayotte, Regal marketing manager. The demand for the new Regal has them running around just trying to get them to dealerships. This has been mainly because of them changing their main target from seniors to pretty much anyone interested in a car.

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are those just preorders or did people just make deposits? its pretty surprising the amount of units buick is gonna be moving of these regals. looks like all their marketing has finally paid off. now its more than old seniors buying buicks. lol
Just getting the first units to dealers takes a lot of cars. Remember that these are coming from Germany, so shipping capacity was booked well ahead of time. You can't just dial up and order another car carrier for next week.

It will take a while... three months, I'm guessing... to fill the pipeline and have 3 or 4 cars at every Buick dealer.
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