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Buick is considering adding both a coupe and a convertible to its lineup in the coming years says Buick marketing director Roger McCormack,. In a live webchat yesterday McCormack commented that a coupe was under "very strong consideration," and sounded equally positive about a convertible model. "We are always looking for ways to excite our customers… I think a convertible would do just that. Nothing to announce today but know we will look hard at a convertible option," he said. In addition, hints were dropped about a possible Regal wagon hitting U.S. shores.

No hints about what a Buick Coupe might entail were provided. While a new platform is a possibility, we've love to see a down-sized version of the RWD CTS Coupe – which could leave open the possibility of a true Grand National successor.

And speaking of high-powered Buicks, the first to come down the pipe will be the Regal GS, which is almost certain to use the same 255-hp turbocharged engine found in the show car.

In addition to these models, Buick will also introduce a new compact crossover, with different reports suggesting it could be based on either the new Chevy Cruze platform, or even the upcoming Chevy Aveo platform.

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