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Hi Everyone,
We would like to introduce ourselves as the new Buick Customer Service on the Regal Forum! Yes, we did say “we.” To better address your questions and concerns in a timely manner we will now have 2 individuals as your primarily GM contact on this forum! We look forward to being members of this great community!

Jessica and Kelly
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I have a 2011 and have many problems of which the last was in Feb this year with the control valves that control the valve timing failed due to clogged filters. Since the dealer installed new ones, changed the oil and filter, and reprogramed the oil life sensor I have had no more problems. I plan on taking the car to Florida in two weeks for a week, so it will get a good work out. I now have about 1500 miles on the new oil. Would you recommend changing the oil before I leave to make sure all the contaminates are out of the engine? Or should It be OK. I should put about 2500 miles on it over the trip.
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