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Weeks after it was discovered that General Motors had filed for trademarks on the Riviera badge, two other iconic Buick nameplates also appear to be resurrected: the GNX and Grand National.

Not since the ’80s have these two badges graced the bumpers of a Buick and, not coincidentally, not since the ’80s has there been a Buick to lust after.

According to our colleagues at GMInsideNews, two trademarks have been filed, one for floor mats (likely replacement parts for the original models), while the other is for nameplates for use on vehicles.

As with all similar trademark filings, this is not a strict indication that Buick will offer such a car in the future, but that it is merely protecting the name just in case it decides to pursue that model into production. That “just in case” factor, however, is also a strong hint that at least a few folks at GM are strongly considering the idea of a modern day Grand National.
Read the complete Buick Grand National story at AutoGuide.com

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I read about GM trademarking the GNX and Grand National names on gminsidenews.com. Although it is pure speculation at this point as to whether or not these names will be resurrected, I have to believe that the idea of resurrecting at least one of these two names is on the table at GM.

I hope this is the case!
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