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Buick Lays It All On The Line With New Social Media Campaign

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Buick is hoping to kickstart buzz around their upcoming Regal sports sedan by not manufacturing any buzz at all. Dubbed “The Moment of Truth”, Buick will take a page out of the Fiesta Movement's book, but geared towards an older crowd.

Rather than the zany antics of the Fiesta Movement's early 20's demographic, the Regal site will feature user generated video reviews of the car, as well as professional reviews from journalists and comments from visitors. The main distinction will be that none of it is edited, and all content, whether it reflects positively on the car or not, will be posted.

The radical transparency being shown by Buick is part of an effort to boost sales by reaching out to a younger demographic – buyers around 35 or 40, rather than in their mid 60's. Buick sales have fallen 89 percent since their peak in 1984, so really, there's nowhere to go but up.

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Radical transparency is correct! This is a brave thing to do but shows they have alot of confidence in thier product. And are not affraid of brutal honesty from the point of consumers.
i tried searching for the site but i havent found anything yet. do you guys know if its already up or theyre still designing the site?
Perhaps they are still hiding behind the statement of transperancy. Do you think they will make sure to have people from the ad companies paid to make sure there are some gleeming reviews?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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