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Buick Lets You Use Twitter to Book a Test Drive

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You're too busy to get to the dealership to test drive a car – so what's a savvy social networker to do? Just tweet, and Buick will bring the car to you, pretty much wherever you are.

Available in Chicago, you'll be able to book a test drive using Twitter. The "Tweet to Drive" campaign will also make its way to Austin, Texas, in September and Philadelphia in October. If all goes well, more cities could be added in the future.

Here's what you do: Log on to your Twitter account and follow @DriveBuickChi. Send them a reply complete with a location and destination for your test drive within the Chicago area.

You can schedule your test drive from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week in a 2010 LaCrosse or 2011 Regal for up to two hours, one way or round trip. They will pick you up anywhere within a 20-mile radius of downtown Chicago.

Hoping to reach a younger demographic, the object of this marketing program is to get more people to notice Buick. Over the past three years, the automaker has given its entire lineup an update and wants to raise awareness of the LaCrosse and recently launched Regal.

The "Tweet to Drive" campaign is already up and running, but will end for Chicago on October 31. If you live in Philadelphia or Austin, you can similar setups with different Twitter accounts.

You can check out the age limitations and other rules as well as insurance forms that need to get filled out by checking out Buick's Facebook page.

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Social networking and marketing are the wave of the future! Great Idea to get a whole audience of people advertised to for almost nothing.
I ain't got that twitter thing nor do I get it. I think I will book mine the old fashioned way!

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