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Hello, I've had my 2013 Regal Turbo for 4 years now. I have the trifecta tune on it and a cone filter. Nice car!

Trying to post on here to see if anyone has had this problem:
For the last few months I've heard a whine under the hood. I can't locate where the noise is coming from and it seems to be getting louder. I tried taking off the serpentine belt and the noise is still there. The noise is not constant, it comes and goes from the time I start the car and idle, to when I drive. It doesn't seem to get much louder upon acceleration. Any ideas on what this is? I took it to a local mechanic and he couldn't figure it out either, told me to take it to a dealership and pay the diagnostic fee(which I would love to avoid).

Also, the noise doesn't get worse when I get into boost and I don't notice the car performing differently right now.
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