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Buick's moment of truth

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Buick recently announced that they are opening up a site called "Buick's moment of truth". The site is a social media website that allows users to post videos, comments, and reviews about the new Buick Regal. Also some of the early buyers of the car have been provided with a flip camera to record their experience with the car. At first you might think that this is going to be biased since Buick is the one running the site. But according to Buick they are not going to remove any content regardless weather its a good or bad review about the car. I have to admit this is a pretty gutsy move on Buick's end. Since they don't really have the best impression on current car buyers.

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Very cool... can't wait to see what it's going to look like. Good job on Buick for stepping up lately.
They are pretty serious about this ad campaign. They even had several parties in some major cities in the US. They handed out flip cameras to some of the party goers to record their reaction and comments about the 2011 Regal.
Shaking off the octogenarian image is going to take some serious $$$. THis is a good start.
Shaking off the octogenarian image is going to take some serious $$$. THis is a good start.
not just money. theyll need a good car to use as a center point for turning their image around. thats what the new regal is supposed to be. hopefully it works out for them since the regal is a pretty good car.
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