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Buying a car online vs at a dealership

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I am debating looking into purchasing a car online. I am so sick and tired of listening to car sales people try to upsell and teeter around what the price of the car is. I absolutely despise them. Has anyone had a good experience with online purchases? It seems to me like there are so many more options and a more competitive market. If you have had a good experience with a certain site please recommend!
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The USAA car buying service is a pretty good deal. I just purchased my Buick using it. I had a private sale of my previous car so I did not have to haggle a trade in.

The price was what the USAA preset negotiated price was. You still had to give all the No answers to undercoating, Simonize, Scotchguard, and yes or no to extended Warranty in the F&I process.

If you qualify it is a good way to go.
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