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Car Makes clicking noise and it takes 10m to start

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I have a Buick Regal Custom 1994 and now everytime i try to start it it makes a clicking noise and it takes 5 to 10 min of trying to start the car.

The battery level is med on the dash and also all the fluids are good.

I think it might be the starter but I don't know much about cars and what to do...

A lot of searches say its the key but i separated the key from the Unlock / Lock chip and it didn't help.

I don't even see an battery in the car like most cars have it next to the engine i don't see it to do a jump and see if that's the case...

Please someone help me I don't have that much money to replace all the parts i need a real solution...
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I'd find the battery and put a volt meter on it before you try to start it.

I'm guessing it starts without a jump?

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Your battery may be under your back seat. I had an Olds Aurora that had the battery under the back seat. I also had that clicking problem and it was the ignition switch causing the problem. The dealer changed the starter twice before descovering it was the switch. I would have it checked out by a competant mechanic and not become a parts replacer.
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