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Check My Ride: Facebook For Cars

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I’m not one of those guys who tries to track down ex-girlfriends on Facebook, since when it comes to relationships the past is the past. I do spend a considerable amount of time wondering about my old rides, since I seem to have a habit of building a car just to my liking and then selling it for far less than I’d dumped into it. At least that was my habit back in my corporate days, when there was such a thing as discretionary income. I never kept track of VINs, although I’m sure I could dig up old insurance policies in my files to find them. What’s the point? A new website from AutoCheck, called Check My Ride allows you to catch up on the fate of your old cars, after you carelessly sold them to a new owner. Did they treat them with the same respect and love that you did, or was your former pride and joy found stripped behind a double-wide trailer used as a meth lab? Do you even want to know?

If you do, sign up for free membership and then punch in your ex-love’s VIN. If everything goes as planned, the website will track down your ride and tell you what happened to it. Maybe it hit the jackpot, and now resides in a private collection. On the other hand, maybe it was wrecked and scrapped the day after you sold it, so be prepared for bad news if you’re brave enough to run a search. Of all the cars I’ve ever owned, only one or two deserved a fate like the crusher; the realist in me knows that’s probably where all of them ended up. Sometimes, you’re just better off not digging up the past.

Interesting post...At least now we can attempt to track all our old cars we used to own!

AutoCheck's Check My Ride: Welcome!

from ridelust!

Check My Ride: Facebook For Cars
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