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Check Suspension Light

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I have a 2011 Regal (T07) with about 2400 miles. Yesterday I had to make an immediate stop while going about 5 miles per hour. Brakes worked fine. However, as I started driving, the "check suspension" light came on. It stayed on for about two miles. I stopped and shut the engine and started it again in about 10 seconds. Light came on again. I then stopped the car and shut the engine for about two minutes and the light is now off. Seems like the computer reset itself. Has anyone else experienced this warning light coming on? If yes, under what circumstances?
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Yes mine was on for 2 days and rode like it had NO suspension, like rock hard and bouncy. Brought to dealer it had multiple codes for suspension. They are replacing a suspension control module. I will post up as soon as I know what the exact part is on the invoice
As I looked on other forums, a number of folks have had the suspension light go on. Some reset like mine did. Others had to have a part replaced. Hope the dealer fix works for your vehicle.
Yea not quite. took it to the dealer and they replaced the suspension control module, lasted for about 700 miles until the light came back on today and it rode like a brick again.....this is 2 out of 3....third time is lemon law time. this sucks cause i really like the car, I am really doubting my decision to buy this instead of volkswagon cc or acura tsx. I will let you know what happens now. 2 weekends out of the 5 weekends I have owned this it has been at the fuckin dealer. I am PISSED.
I wanna install H&R lowering springs on mine, but this suspension light problem sacares me.
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