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"Check Suspesion" light

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I purchased my 2011 Buick regal brand new in May 2011. My check suspension light has gone on about 15 times since then. It goes on then after i have the vehicle off for at least an hour, it doesn't come back on. I took it to the shop but of course the light wasn't on at the time. they said they checked the suspension and it was fine. If everything is ok, why does the light keep coming on? I also had them check why when i first start the car, the RPM's start off at 20 and takes about 2-3 minutes to go down to normal, Again, they said the car was fine. I am going to try and take it to a different shop, but they tell me if the machine doesn't detect why the light is coming on, there is nothing to fix.This is my first Regal, i'm not sure anymore if i made the right choice. My car is fully loaded but i'm scared to drive it long distance, which is when the light seams to go on, for fear something will "give" while with my family. I didn't buy it for weekend use, i should be able to drive it without hesitation. Someone please tell me if they have had similar experiences and what was the fix before i take this car back!
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Any updates?
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