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Chevy Volt to Wear Buick Badge in China

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Thanks to a patent filing process in China, it has been revealed that the Chevy Volt will be badged as a Buick model in what is now the world's largest auto market. To be more specific, the Opel Ampera (the European version of the Volt) will actually be badged as a Buick. You see, in China, the government requires that automakers file a design patent to ensure that vehicle designs aren't copied (ironic, we know). And it just so happens that the design submitted to the Chinese patent office is that of the European Ampera and not the Volt.

The decision to badge the Volt/Ampera as a Buick in China makes sense, when you consider the high-esteem and good sales of the Buick brand there.

Adding the Buick badge to the Volt now means that there will be five different Volt-like models, including the original, the Opel Ampera, as well as the Vauxhall Ampera (U.K.) and the Holden Ampera (Australia).

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