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Chip in paint

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So, my first chip, and only 4,000 miles on the car. Was my own fault, I forgot to strap down the front while of my bike and it Knocked in to my bumper with a stone wedged in the tire. The stone took a small chip out of the bumper paint.

So... what is your recommendation for a fix that doesn't involve re-painting the whole bumper? Will my GM dealer be able to provide touch-up paint?

There are also some rubs near the chip. Can those be buffed out?
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the dealership should be able to get you touch up for free. most dealerships locally do that. if they say you owe em tell em youll go somewhere else and get it then. or pull the "i purchased a 30k dollar car and you cant give me 4 dollars in paint?"
I agree most dealers should give you a touch up pen for free. Some of them even include it with your car.

Just use the touch up paint and a nice detail around the car with a nice buff should get it out, the small scuffs around it.
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