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Clean radiator without flushing it?

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Ambiguous title.

I went out to AutoZone and bought some Prestone radiator cleaner. I read the instructions about the quick clean and the rigorous clean. For the rigorous clean, it says to empty the cooling system, then refill with only the cleaner and water, then drive on that for a few days before flushing and refilling.

However, I discussed it with the guy at autozone, and he said it works just as well to simply ADD the cleaner to whatever is currently in the cooling system, then perform the flush and refill after a few days.

So I added what I could to the radiator, and poured the rest of the bottle in the reservoir, then took it for a 1-hour drive to get the coolant/cleaner circulated. I'll drive on that for the week, and flush and refill the system this weekend as I normally would.

Is the an effective method?

I own a '99 model, and the previous owner used non-dex coolant with hose water, so the thing is still filled with gunk after its first flush a few months ago. The plan is to clean it out fairly rigorously and put in 50-50 DEX and distilled water.
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When cleaning a car, I prefer using a steamer instead of just pressure washing with water. It's more efficient and cost-effective, plus the steam can also disinfect surfaces, which is important, especially during the winter. I did a lot of research when choosing a steamer, and I came across a blog post Do not buy the Optima steamer before reading this that gave a detailed review of the Optima steamer. After reading it, I decided to go with the Fortador Pro model instead, which had many advantages over the Optima. What do you think about using steam for cleaning?
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