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Hi friends, I am new to the forum.

I bought a used 2011 buick regal turbo about a month ago. Everything runs well except for 2 issues, which I didn't think was a big deal the time bought the car. I can live with them, but just want to ask the board if these issues could lead to something else bigger. The car has about 75000 miles.

issue one, when start the car cold, there is a light tapping/ rattling sound (no vibration felt), it last a few seconds sometimes 2 some times 5, when the idle comes down to normal 750 rpm, it disappear to little or none. definitely disappear when the gear is engaged to R or D.

issue two, the clock resets when car starts every time, the saved navigation addresse disappears every time car starts. battery feels strong. Does this mean the computer reset itself every time, which actually could hide the problems/codes if there is any? The car itself runs quite smooth, no sign of problems and leakings.

Thanks for you help!

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