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2015 regal. Standard sound system.
In an attempt to improve sound, I want to change out the 3.5 inch center channel dash speaker.
Upon removing it I found it to be an 8 ohm speaker. There are no 3 1/2 inch 8 ohm speakers on the market. All available for sale speakers are 4 ohm. If the amp is 4 ohm it’s not a problem. If the amp is 8 ohm, can’t replace.
Buick of course won’t give out specs on anything and I don’t know a Buick audio engineer.

So does anybody out there know anything about specs on The factory amp or whether I can replace that speaker with a 4 ohm?

I have included pictures of the partial disassembly showing where the clips are, and the speaker, in hopes that I can be of help to anybody attempting to do the same. The speaker grill, light sensor, and defrost vent are all one piece. I was only able to pry up center and right side. Speaker was held in by 2 hex nuts.

Thanks. Stickman


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