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DayTime Running Lights - OFF?

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I have a 2011 Buick Regal, i have installed HID kits on all lights, Low beams, High beams, and fogs, and i am in need on some information. How am i able to shut off the day time running lights, because i seem to not be able to locate a relay for it? If somebody can provide some information, also i would like to know how i can get some resistors or what time and what kind for me to get the LED blown out warning lights off my dash?

Also, i have another question, for a blown out warning light on the dash, do you need to reset the BCM for the warning light to go away once you changed the bulb or it automatically go away after putting a bulb there that has sufficient wage power?
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hmmm, all questions I was wondering about before doing it on ours. Sub'd for more info and answers

edit, welcome to RF


On my 99 van there is a black box under the dash for the drl's unplugged it and they're off. wasnt in the fuse/relay box. dont know if gm still uses something like that.
You have pics? I've been scouring the internet for pics of aftermarket HID installations.
yea i have pictures, let me know an email address or email me at [email protected], and ill send you pictures of the after market headlights with HID, but i need to get the daytime running light switched off, i covered the sensor on the dash with a cover to prevent it from knowing its day, but i would still like for it to work like an OEM HID kit.
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